Letter from CEO

Letter from the CEO, Mr.Cliff Jason Clarke.

What makes The Clark Group such a great company?

Firstly, we serve. What I have learned as a CEO is that running a great company is all about service: service to our customers, service to our employees, service to this great nation of Trinidad and Tobago. I wholeheartedly believe that when a company focuses on a higher objective such as selfless customer service, rather than profits, that success can and will be achieved. Our objective at The Clark Group is to ensure that all our customers are provided quality service with the tenacity and focus that they deserve in order to ensure their satisfaction. At The Clark Group, we treat each customer’s requirements with respect and our mission is to persevere and exceed their needs however and whenever possible. In a nutshell, we aim to please.

Secondly, while we serve, we also innovate. Over a period of time l have learned that if you differentiate yourself through innovation and passion that you will separate yourself from the pack and develop the deserved reputation for solving the hardest problems. For years, our success has been derived from creating solutions for our customers in manpower services, security solutions, intelligence services and analytics that no one else had envisioned, at time, when other companies had failed. At The Clark Group we accept that our customer’s challenges will require an introspective approach to build a unique solution for their needs…at The Clark Group we deliver that for our customers on a daily basis.

And finally, At The Clark Group we go the distance to provide support to our employees, various charities and communities whenever possible. We provide industry leading benefits and a great workplace for our employees. The Clark Group is the largest provider of support to the light house Foundation, numerous local cancer organisations, disadvantage children programs, as well as multiple local sporting organisations. As my function in life is to take care of people and that will never change. I believe that a company must give back to its employees as well as contribute towards the needs of communities.

These few words were meant to inspire and create thought provoking initiatives from you in the online world. As CEO and Founder, it is my obligation to communicate to you, hear your problems and make attempts to resolve those problems. No other Group of companies will go the distance that we do to deliver innovative solutions and will be so dedicated to their successful implementation. That is my promise.

Thanks to you and my employees for letting me continue to serve you .

Ceo. Mr. Cliff Jason Clarke
Email: clarkgroup@mail.com