Letter from CEO

Letter from the: CEO – Cliff Clarke

Since 2008, Brickhouse Security Limited has been focused on keeping our customers connected. As a high end solution provider of our own line of mobile satellite base technology & security solution design, to assist our local security agency & commercial clients in today’s fight against crime we have the staff and knowledge to help you design and implement your unique security systems & communication needs.With our ever expanding partner base, we are also able to offer complete system integration packages – depending on your company’s specific requirement.We take a consulting approach to sales, as we feel helping the customer find the correct solution is the right way to do business – instead of a “one size fits all. With couple of design solutions available for various securities needs such as. SCADA / M2M Over Satellite – Remote Monitoring & Control Tracking any were in the world, Satellite – Remote Unmanned Monitoring, Permanent Outdoor Unmanned Remote Monitoring Satellite remote motoring of pictures , Face Recognition System , Generation III Alcohol Sensing House Arrest Ankle Bracelet with active GPS Location monitoring technology & Container Tracking we are also Authorize Dealers for Globalstar Inc.

We have the experience to pull from.

We are also committed to providing materials to help educate and understand our industry and how it relates to your communication needs. Check our site often as we are constantly updating it with helpful tools such as how-to videos, satellite industry links and case studies.

Whether it is voice or data, on land or at sea, we are proud to offer the latest in solutions in communications & technology around the world.

Thank you for Considering :
Brickhouse Security (Trinidad) Limited
As your provider.
Ceo .Mr. Cliff Jason Clarke
Email: clarkgroup@mail.com
Mobile 1868/680.1262