Business Benefits

You’ve been there-it’s chaos at your remote job site and you need to call to get a critical question answered. How can you connect when you need to and have it work effortlessly? Working with Brickhouse Security Limited, at the critical moment, you can make contact and diminish distance. When your business centers on remote worksites and working in remote areas beyond cellular and traditional landline service, Brickhouse Security Limited, is the answer to your requirement for affordable wireless communications. Brickhouse Security Limited, provides affordable, high quality satellite voice and data service across South America and to over 120 countries worldwide.

Voice and data services are offered through mobile and fixed units to meet the needs of business and recreational users. Brickhouse Security Limited, data services help deliver information from remote areas where key business or operational data is collected, saving time and money for countless companies.

Brickhouse Security Limited Offers

Brickhouse Security Limited, satellite service is affordable for any business operating in remote areas. Pricing plans are available to meet your needs.
Clarity of Voice
CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology makes calls exceptionally secure and clear, with high quality voice transmissions.
No Perceptible Voice Delay
Use of Low-Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites, moving at an altitude of 1,414 kilometers, helps virtually eliminate voice delay, compared to the noticeable time delay and echo effect of calls on geosynchronous satellites which orbit at much higher elevations.